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As Carrie Bradshaw Once Said...When You're Tired, You TAKE a Nap-a, You Don't Move to Napa😅

Hello fellow Wineologists! As I'm sure you all can agree, learning to deal with fatigue is a very real part of this journey. Your brain is a muscle and gets sore and tired just like your legs do at the end of a 45 Peloton run. I always feel like "break time" isn't a luxury I can schedule, it's something my mind and body chose for me. So! This week, I'm taking a little time to reboot and recharge. Life is full of distractions and little fires to put out. I also will be uploading some content from a wine event I'm doing tomorrow! Look forward to some mid-week updates!

I'll see you all here next week to share my crazy, Covid-19 infected, exam stories. Have a great week, Wineologists and happy studying🤓

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